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MASSI is a sophisticated restaurant with a highly creative cuisine in the heart of Düsseldorf in Pempelfort. We always offer very special creations, true to our motto: WE ARE PLEASURE. Nomen est omen: We are named after our owner Massi Fudazi. The native Tehraner has made Düsseldorf his chosen home and is a passionate chef himself. His love for cooking began in childhood; he learned Persian cuisine from his mother. Through many travels across Europe, he became acquainted with the subtleties of international cuisine. With his own restaurant MASSI in Düsseldorf, he has fulfilled a dream.

Massi Restaurant Düsseldorf
Cozy Location

Our house presents itself appropriately and classically with a modern-international flair to the guests.


Massi understands how to cater to the culinary wishes of his guests, offering not only fresh fish and other delights from the sea but also savory meat creations and vegan dishes.

Massi Restaurant Düsseldorf


Our talents and experiences may vary, but at MASSI, our unique passion unites us to bring forth only the best.

We love good food, wine, and conviviality.

Masoud Fudazi (Massi) – Founder and owner of the restaurant MASSI.

The native Tehraner has made Düsseldorf his chosen home. His passion for cooking dates back to his childhood. His mother ignited his love for cooking. Today, he delights you with international dishes.

Massi restaurant Düsseldorf



Visit us for a memorable and delightful evening, a relaxed lunch, or breakfast in the heart of Düsseldorf.
We ensure the best service and pamper you to your heart’s desire.

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